Success Stories

.@HackerHours is such an amazing initiative. It's getting more people involved in open source in such a welcoming environment đź’•

— Julia Nguyen (@fleurchild) December 5, 2015

want a stronger economy in your city? get one of these "The format is simple: u come..flag down..if you have a q"

— Scott Heiferman (@heif) January 23, 2014

My daughter Ava and I just wanted to reach out and thank you. Ava is in girl scouts, and is working to earn her “Programming Robots” badge. The troop is learning all about simple machines, coding, and programming first - and were told to do some of their own research at home before their next meeting. Ava found your Resources page and it has been so helpful to her I wanted to reach out and thank you. I haven’t seen her this invested in something in a long time.


The people at Hacker Hours helped me so much when I ran into a problem. I remember Aidan showed me about a really cool gem that I had never heard of that solved a big problem I was having.

To beginners I’d say don’t be afraid, just go. It’s a totally laid back environment where people just want to help each other out and are totally cool talking to beginners and experts alike. Even if you just want to go there and work on your own, it’s a lot of fun.

–Mattan Griffel, (since) founder of One Month

I emailed you about a junior role we had available at Yodle, and after you sent the note out to Hacker Hours, we were inundated with resumes. Which was awesome. It was kindof a tricky position because of the skill sets involved, and I was so amazed that we got such great response. We ended up hiring two people who came from your group.

–Rebecca Sulock, Yodle

Hacker Hours…is a place where programmers of all experience levels gather to help one another with their coding projects. We were so impressed by both the welcoming nature of the participants and the empowering process of intergenerational peer-to-peer instruction that we were eager to bring something similar to our own local community of teenagers.

-Gina Sipley and Mercer Hall, Turn Your Public Library Into a Kid Coding Community

Do you have a success story to share? Built a cool app while at Hacker Hours, met a co-founder, or knocked out a pesky bug? Let us know!